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about us

We are a coalition of producers, military, energy activists, political leaders and energy users who think that the time for American Biofuels isn't "someday" it's now.

We want smarter policies that support smarter energies.

And, we want people to know that this is a local issue. There's no magic bullet. Beets might work in Pennsylvania and pine in Georgia. In Florida it might be sugar or something else....

Whatever it is we need it now.

Click here to download our sign on letter.


Our Supporters

There are no financial or membership obligations to participate in the ABN coalition or on the letter to the various Editorial Boards. You can do as much or as little as you want. By joining ABN you are becoming part of a network or alliance of supporters who are renewable energy champions that are working to achieve a new prosperous, sustainable energy future for the nation. We simply ask that you promote the benefits of renewable energy when you can and encourage the development of good policies and programs that will help grow the industry. Additionally, we can provide communication/education tools to assist if needed.

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Associates, LLC