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Obama Decision Means Alabama Needs American Biofuels NOW!

(Mobile) The Obama Administration has made it clear: There will be no new oil drilling in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. But our need for fuel is not going away. So where do we go from here? American Biofuels Now is a broad coalition of local biofuels producers, feedstock providers, trade and environmental organizations, academics and energy users who believe that it’s time to invest in our own alternative energy sources—and create new jobs in the process.

American Biofuels Now is focused on creating a community of like-minded interests who recognize that the only way to move beyond old sources is to invest in alternatives. American Biofuels Now wants smart, comprehensive policies to support the development of domestic alternative energy sources that create local jobs.

Imported oil costs Americans nearly $1 billion each day. Instead of sending more hard-earned American dollars to countries hostile to American interests, local sources need to be developed and converted into biofuels that move through existing infrastructure.

One plant alone can jumpstart a struggling economy by infusing jobs and capital.

  • A biodiesel plant producing 110 million gallons per year will add $117 million to the local economy and create 635 new jobs in all sectors of the economy. (Urbanchuk, The Economic Impact of the Biodiesel Industry, 2007)
  • An ethanol plant producing 110 million gallons per year will generate about 265 jobs and $34.98 million annually to the local community. (Palmer, Economic Impact of Ethanol Production in Hall County, 2007)

American Biofuels have the potential to increase national security, decrease environmental impacts, keep dollars at home and create jobs in research and biotechnology, with local jobs in production, agriculture, transportation and supporting industries.


Alabamians who think this is a good idea should visit the website and sign the petition. Businesses who support new jobs can sign on our letters to editors emphasizing the local benefits.

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Representative Greg Wren, Alabama House of Representatives
“Alabama must reduce its dependency on foreign oil to assure our citizens an efficient and effective distribution of energy to meet increasing demands of our population growth and economic development and expansion. Engaging our existing energy infrastructure with new energy technologies including bio-fuels and other renewable resources will position Alabama as a regional and national leader in energy policy and supply.”

Russell Beals, owner, BioFuel Equipment Sales LLC
“Every time I fill up my tank, I would prefer to be using the fine products of Alabama, Kansas or Iowa, grown, processed and sold locally rather than the products of Venezuela or Saudi Arabia. Biofuels provide a clean, secure, American source of energy. American farmers should lead the way by growing feedstocks and processing them in their communities with small facilities producing up to 5 million gallons per year. This reduces transportation costs and large capital investments and overhead and keeps American dollars at home while providing jobs and adding to the economy.”

Mark Bentley, executive director, Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition
"The global price of oil affects virtually every aspect of our economy.  As a direct result, our markets are susceptible to unrest in the Middle East, threats of domestic terrorist attacks, and oil price manipulation by foreign nations.  Utilizing and furthering the development of American biofuels and other clean, alternative fuels represents the most expedient, environmentally friendly approach to reducing our dependence on foreign oil.
Investing in the associated infrastructure will create competition in the fuels market and give consumers the freedom to choose their fuels.   An investment in biofuels and other clean fuel technology will not only bolster our own U.S. economy and create thousands of jobs, it is the quickest and perhaps the cheapest means of meeting domestic fuel needs."  

Brent Bailey, state facilitator  25x25 “The production of American-made advanced biofuels can literally revitalize and turn around depressed rural economies. Each new biofuels production facility will generate and provide dozens of new high-paying direct jobs and hundreds of new indirect jobs. Every state has a stake in the development of the advanced biofuels industry.”

25x25 is the effort for sustainable utilization of our abundant natural resources to provide 25 percent of Americas energy needs through renewable sources by 2025.


Fact Sheet: Alabama Biofuels - A Homegrown Revolution


Representative Greg Wren, Alabama House of Representatives

Anne Blair, Southern Alliance for Clean Energy

Phillip C. Badger,  Renewable Oil International LLC

Russell Beals, BioFuel Equipment Sales, LLc

Jeremy Rogers, NAB Energy Group

Mark Bentley,  Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition

Brent Bailey,  25x25 Steering Committee

Joanne Ivancic,  Advanced Biofuels USA

Chris Saddler,  Southeastern Biodiesel Solutions Inc.

Russell Teall, JD, Biodiesel Industries, Inc.

Vice Commissioner Glen Zorn, Alabama Department of Agriculture and Industry

Morton ArchibaldAlabama Solar Association

Mark Hull, Extension Specialist - Tennessee Valley Research Ext. Ctr., Auburn University