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The Future

Developing Technologies

"The technology is growing, and we're moving forward" – Jerry Horton, Sweetwater Ethanol

Americans with Flex Fuel and Diesel vehicles made after 1993 are ready to run on American biofuels right now. But to use the fuel, they have to be able to get it easily. We need pumps everywhere so that consumers can conveniently hit the biofuel button at the pump. Newer petroleum equipment in good condition at fuel stations can be easily converted for use with E85 ethanol, and the number of public pumps that carry biodiesel blends is increasing with demand.

The “food for fuel” debate is over (according to the World Bank it was overstated to start.) New feedstocks like switchgrass are much more efficient for ethanol production than some food crops. For the future, biomass ethanol production looks to be the most efficient and exciting production process.

While these technologies develop, we need to continue to use what’s already available, what’s local and makes sense. Doing so helps us continue to develop distribution—as critical to our success as the biofuels themselves.

switchgrassTrucks and trains powered by biofuels can deliver these new fuel products while existing pipelines are upgraded. Biofuels represent the best opportunity for America to become energy-independent.

We need to remind our leaders that we want them to follow through on their promises to promote alternative fuels, so that the transition from a fossil fuel economy to a clean energy economy is smooth.