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Do Your Part

Can we influence energy policy? Really?

sugar caneWe can. More important, we should.

The ways and amounts of energy we use daily is directly related to the way political leaders look at what they have to do to acquire, develop and distribute energy. They don't want us to be mad or inconvenienced because if we are, we might not vote them back into office.

So here's what we can do:

  • We can use less. This is a good start, but it won't give us everything we need.
  • We can make smart purchasing decisions: buy local. If we are to pay, why not pay ourselves first?
  • We can decide for ourselves. There is a lot at risk, economically and environmentally so the people who stand to lose have been on a disinformation campaign to discredit American Biofuels. We must not be mislead.

We must lead.

We must demand American Biofuels Now.