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American Biofuels Now Coalition Calls for Real American Energy Policy

(Tampa, Florida)  American Biofuels Now is a broad coalition of local biofuels producers, trade and environmental organizations, academics, and energy users who want smart, comprehensive policies to support the development of American Biofuels Now.

America Biofuels Now wants a homegrown solution to reduce America’s dependence on foreign oil.  American energy can be grown or recycled from waste into biofuels that can be moved through existing pipelines or shipped with biofuel-powered engines. Transportation accounts for 71 percent of U.S. petroleum consumption and that percentage continues to grow.

The vehicles we rely on to move people and goods are 95 percent dependent on just one type of fuel: petroleum. Because our present transportation fuels infrastructure is set up for liquid energy, (gasoline and oil) we need to leverage what we have rather than switch to a whole new energy system.

Biofuels represent a clear and simple pathway to energy independence. 

Imported oil costs Americans $1 BILLION each day. “Every time I fill up my tank, I would rather be using the fine products of Florida, Kansas or Iowa than the products of Venezuela or Saudi Arabia.  Biofuels are clean, secure, American energy,” says Dan Nolan, retired US Army Colonel and CEO of Sabot 6 of Tampa, FL.

”Before one more American dies for oil company profits, or before the next disaster in the Gulf, we need to change,” says Florida State Senator, Michael S. Bennett. “Renewable fuels are a stable, domestic fuel source that keeps dollars in American pockets.”

“The global price of oil affects virtually every aspect of our economy.  As a direct result, our markets are susceptible to unrest in the Middle East, threats of domestic terrorist attacks, and oil price manipulation by foreign nations,” said Jeremy Susac, Executive Director, Florida Bioenergy Association. “American biofuels represent the cleanest, quickest way to reduce our dependence on foreign oil, because most of the infrastructure already exists. If we make the investment, it can be the quickest - and perhaps - the cheapest,” Susac added.

“Production of American advanced biofuels can literally revitalize and turnaround depressed rural economies. Each new biofuels production facility will generate and provide dozens of new high paying direct jobs and hundreds of new indirect jobs.   Thereby creating a tremendous ripple effect through the local economy,” said Bradley M. Krohn, Ph.D. and President of Highlands EnviroFuels, LLC.

Our economy is built on cheap fuel. But when the cheap fuel is gone and the oil that fuels our economy comes from countries that are potentially unstable or politically hostile, we will be much more secure with our own energy sources.

American Biofuels have the potential to increase national security, decrease environmental impacts, keep dollars at home and create jobs in research and biotechnology, with local jobs in production, agriculture, transportation and supporting industries.

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Fact Sheet: Florida Biofuels - A Homegrown Revolution


Michael S. “Mike” Bennett, Florida State Senator, District 21

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Jeremy Susac, Florida Bioenergy Association

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