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Alternatives That Work Now

In the Gulf States

Even when we want to invest in American biofuels at the pump, they can be hard to find. Texas is leading the way in ethanol production in the Gulf states. It’s also easier to find biofuels at the pump in Texas. Still, there are only 25 E-85 stations throughout the state—though that number is growing.

American biofuels can be produced in the Gulf States. Potential feedstocks for Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida include: Soybean oil, Energy cane, Sweet Sorghum, Perennial grasses and Woody biomass.  The table below shows that these states are still investigating the possibilities.

State Ethanol Plants Biodiesel Plants E85 Stations Biodiesel Stations
TX 4 31 25 42
LA 1 1 0 1
MS 0 5 1 6
AL 0 6 2 1
FL 0 3 10 10

The good news is that the Gulf States have the potential to meet demand. Gulf of Mexico states are part of an agricultural region that has the most robust growing season in the United States. Collectively, this region provides the highest gallons-per acre crops of all biofuel crops. Looking at the table below it is not surprising to see that the Southeast, including the Gulf States, also have the highest potential for future biofuels production. It couldn’t be more clear that now is the time for American Biofuels in Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida.

U.S.D.A. Projected Advanced Biofuels Production From New Capacity (billion gallons)
Region Percentage of Total Advanced Volume Advanced Biofuels
    Bioethanol Biodiesel
Southeast 49.8 10.45 0.01
Central East 43.3 8.83 0.26
North East 2.0 0.42 0.01
Northwest 4.6 0.79 0.18
West <.3 0.06 0.00