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American Biofuels Now

We can argue about which sources of energy and where they will come from, but we can no longer afford to argue about WHEN. Today is the day. Actually, the day came in the 1970’s, when the oil producing nations turned down the tap by about five percent.

It threw our country into an annoyed tailspin. Today, a loss of five percent of foreign oil could freeze our economic engine—one that’s already in the shop.

"We need to depend on ourselves" – Tom Lane, President, ECS Solar Energy Systems, Gainesville, FL

Our economic security is at risk.

Our national security is at risk.

Biofuels are the future and the time is now. We need to use what we have while develop even better technologies for tomorrow.

Sign our petition, get our early warning emails, stand ready to be heard.

Join us in demanding American Biofuels Now!