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National Security

“We need to support our farmers, and allow them to grow a crop that leads to our national security” – Scott Maddox, Former Mayor of Tallahassee, Currently running for Secretary of Agriculture

Energy security is the same thing as national security. Our economy is based on the free flow of cheap energy. We've heard a lot about peak oil and how we're running out of oil, but the truth is, there many never be a time when we've pulled the last drop from the earth.

One thing is certain, as it gets more and more expensive to get the fossil fuels, the cost of using them will increase.

And if the people who supply our oil decide they need it more than we do, it's game over.

In short, we are dependent on other for the energy that drives are economic engine. Does anyone think that's a good idea?

We need to develop clean, affordable energies right here and right now. The good news is that we have them. They are working and making a difference each day.

Can they meet all of our needs right now? No. Do we need to have a plan to ensure they will in the future? Yes.

Why? Because American biofuels free us from dependence on others.

American biofuels keep the money here at home.

American biofuels (virtually all of them) are better for the environment.

American biofuels give us energy security and that is national security.