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Alternatives That Work Now

Elsewhere in North America

"Our energy future starts at home, Right Here, Right Now." – Renewable Fuels Association

Biofuels technology is growing throughout the country.

The Eastern Central region of the United States is one of two regions with the best potential for near and long-term development of biofuels.

Feedstocks include: Perennial grasses, sweet sorghum, crop residues, soybeans and woody biomass. Based on feedstock and land, infrastructure and demand, this region is key in implementing a successful biofuels market.

By 2022, this area is expected to contribute nearly 44 per cent of biofuels production needed to meet  the Renewable Fuel Standards (RFS2).

Here is a U.S. Department of Energy snapshot of current fuel station trends for biofuels production and availability.

State Ethanol Plants Biodiesel Plants E85 Stations Biodiesel Stations
IN 11 6 74 9
IL 11 7 141 12
IA 43 17 64 13
MO 4 10 54 48
OH 7 8 30 21
PA 0 12 11 35
WS 11 7 59 3