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National Security

Oil for Power

Gas unitIn the 21st Century, energy is power.  America has critical energy needs, and we have the option to move our energy policy from the last century into the future.  We must take advantage of America’s natural and scientific advantages to provide new fuel solutions.  American Biofuels are modern, clean-burning solutions to our energy problems.

In 1973, OPEC nations imposed an embargo on oil imports into the United States because they disagreed with our foreign policy. Long lines and acute shortages at the gas pump brought home the fact that most of our oil comes from overseas, and that we could not supply our needs for fuel with domestic supplies only. We only produce about 10 percent of our oil needs here in the United States. It is grim indeed to speculate on the effects of a modern day embargo by OPEC.

America could grind to a halt without oil. 

Foreign oil dependence is something we just can’t risk anymore. The countries that contain large amounts of oil are politically unstable, and more and more unreceptive to American business interests. We fought a war of independence in 1776 to free ourselves of unfair and unjust oppression; American Biofuels can free us from dependence on imported oil.

American Biofuels empower the USA. We can put US farmers to work growing biofuels feedstock crops.  We canbuild processing plants and produce enough American biofuels to replace petro fuels, phasing out gasoline and diesel as transportation fuels...and also eliminating the power of OPEC.

America will be cleaner, greener and more self-sufficient, and stronger than ever.

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