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Purchasing Power

“(Biofuel) has to do with energy independence” – Larry Breeding

American biofuels give American consumers the opportunity to drive policy.
American biofuels are an investment in national security, in a cleaner environment and in new technologies.

Our economy is built on cheap fuel. But fuel is not getting any cheaper, rather, it’s increasing in cost. If the cheap fuel is gone and the oil on which our economy is based comes from countries that are potentially unstable or politically hostile, doesn’t it make sense to invest in our own energy sources?

American biofuels are supported by American biotechnology, grown on American farms, and refined and delivered to the pump by American workers to serve American consumers. Americans will control the supply and demand of American Biofuels, and then we will be liberated from having to deal with foreign oil producing countries that set prices based on politics.

American biofuels while not without environmental impact, certainly have less impact than fossil fuels. Biomass is plant material, and the process of changing it into biofuel does not create any toxic compounds. On the contrary, the main byproduct of ethanol production is distiller’s grains, commonly used for cattle feed.

farm familyBiodiesel production results in the byproduct glycerin, used in soap making and organic degreasers.

Everything we do has an impact. As we transition from a fossil fuel to a clean energy economy, we will need to make choices. We’re moving toward more local fuels, more diverse feedstocks, more production and better distribution.

When we choose biofuels, we’re choosing a more secure nation, less dependent on foreign oil and a cleaner environment.

Our purchase of American biofuels in an investment in ourselves.